Connecting a Windows computer to Amherst network

Start by going to the Control Panel. If the machine is in “Metro” (Modern) UI mode, either use the top right-hand Active Corner, or just start typing “Control Panel”, and click on the corresponding icon. If the user has installed Start8 or ClassicShell, just use the Start menu as usual. From the Control Panel menu, go to the Network and Sharing Center. In the Network and Sharing Center choose “Set up a new connection or network” Choose the third option “Manually connect to a wireless network” Input the the SSID (Amherst) and security type (WPA2-Enterprise). Leave the box "Start this connection automatically" checked. The next window determines if you need to use the command prompt. If the window states that the there is already a network with this name it will provide you with an option to change settings on that network or to rename the network. The change settings usually brings you back to the the Network and Sharing center. Should that happen go to the command prompt and run the delete profile command: netsh wlan delete profile name=“Amherst” Redo the initial steps if you were returned to the Network and Sharing Center. Now the window should show the option to “Change connection settings” Click that option Amherst Wireless Network Properties will have two tabs on the top, click the one labeled Security. In the Security tab, click the ‘Settings’ button under ‘Choose a network authentication method:’. In this window uncheck ‘Validate server certificate’ Also in the security tab, click “Advanced” From this window, select to specify the authentication mode. Choose User Authentication. Enter the credentials, and make sure to check the box to save the credentials. This should allow you to successfully connect to the network with a Windows machine.
Published on: 2015-10-29
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