Help Desk Queues

Account Administration - You are unable to log into email, PowerSchool, Public School Works, RenLearn, etc. Audio, Video Issue - You are having trouble with the audio and visual on your TV or other device that does not fall in the projector or SmartBoard category. Equipment Installation - You have equipment that needs to be installed. Equipment Request - Used to request equipment. General Issues - Issues with your computer that are not print or Internet related. (Most commonly used) Hardware Repair - There is a physical problem with your computer Internet - You cannot get on the Internet or are having intermittent internet issues. iPads - You need an app installed, an iPad is malfunctioning or there is a physical problem with an iPad. Key Fob - You need a new Key Fob or are having problems with your current Key Fob. Malware - Your computer has some sort of malware on it. Other - Select this when your issue does not relate to any other category. Phones - Your Shoretel phone is not working properly. Printing - You are having issues with printing from your computer. This does not include paper jams, low toner, etc. That is handled through your key operator for the copier. Projectors - Your projector is not working, the bulb needs replaced, the color is off or the image is askew. Smart/Interactive Boards - You are having issues with calibration, sensitivity or response from your interactive board. Software Install - You need a software installed on your computers or cart. Software Issue - You are having a problem with the software on your computer. Web Site Postings - You need your website updated.
Published on: 2015-12-11
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