Connecting a personal chromebook to the Amherst wireless network

When choosing a network to join, select "Amherst" then configure the following: - SSID: Amherst - EAP method: PEAP - Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2 - Server CA certificate: Do not check - Subnet Match: -leave blank- - User certificate: None listed - Identity: -student or staff's amherst username, not email. Should be YYlastnameNNNN- - Password: -student or staff's amherst password- - Annonymous identity: -leave blank- Leave the 2 checkboxes checked (Save identity and password, Share this network with other users) Then click Connect and you should be online. Submit a helpdesk ticket if you or the student continue to have issues.
Published on: 2017-09-01 See other articles in Internet, Wireless.